FMGCS Membership Registration for 2019-2020

Tips to fill out the membership form:

  1. Check off box to confirm if you have Gujarati heritage as defined at the FMGCS constitution
  2. Type your last name in the last name field, this is mandatory field for Primary Member
  3. First two fields (First name and Age) are mandatory for all members
  4. Occupation, employer’s info and birth date info are optional
  5. To register family members, click “Add Member” to add your family members, you can add as many members you have in your family as defined at The FMGCS constitution
  6. In case of any family member, have Last name different from the primary member, use "First name Box to type first and last name", this applies to added member only not for primary member
  7. You will not be able to change City, Province, and Country
  8. Postal code and Home phone numbers must be entered as shown in example besides the field
  9. Requested e-mail ID will be your user name for log in to your future online portal at the FMGCS web site, you can manage your personal info, purchase of tickets for events organized by the FMGCS and renewal of membership for future years from online portal
  10. You will receive all communications from the FMGCS through e-mail ID provided for registration
  11. Create password with at least one uppercase, lowercase, alphanumeric number and a special character, password should contain minimum of 6 characters
  12. Click "Register Now" to register at the FMGCS and will bring you to the membership payment page
  13. The membership payment can be made through your PayPal account if you have it, or you can pay it with your valid credit card
  14. Your credit card information will not be gathered or stored, payment transaction will be through a secure site
  15. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with membership number from the FMGCS and payment confirmation e-mail, if your payment transaction is successful

Important Notes:

  1. In case of change request, please send an e-mail with your membership detail to